Increases in cyber-related incidents over the past year have garnered media attention. With data breaches, physical infrastructure tampering, Internet of Things devices acting unpredictably, and allegations of election hacking it is hard to imagine that enterprises and governments can do anything to stop the attacks.

Global cybersecurity conferences are ideal places for stakeholders to discuss these issues. Local events are great ways to influence the discussion, learn about cybersecurity procedures, and reach the community. As a professional in the cybersecurity industry, attending conferences is of paramount importance.

Your employer should see the benefit of encouraging you and other employees to participate.

Some of the benefits of attending include:

  • Networking: Attackers talk to each other all the time. There’s power in facilitating a community of like-minded individuals. The best way to combat these attacks is to come together to stand up against internet fraud. You cannot put a price tag on relationships. A new connection now provides significant benefits later.Retail loss prevention teams meet regularly to discuss shoplifter activities. They work directly with competitors to stop theft, fraudulent point-of-sale transactions, and ATM breaches. Network security teams do not do this, but they should. IT-related theft is prevalent, and as a professional, you should be discussing defense strategies. To strengthen the community, start the conversation at the next cybersecurity conference you attend.
  • Education: The top cyber security conferences host presenters who are instructors, engineers, or security practitioners. They are black belts in cybersecurity knowledge, and the rest of the industry can learn a lot from them. Continued education equips you with real-world experience. It also positions you to combat security threats more efficiently. Information security conferences are an ideal place to obtain it. If everyone strove for perfection in his or her job, the level of vulnerability would decrease. Decreased susceptibility leads to fewer attacks.
  • Outreach: Small physical security conferences facilitate better opportunities for mentoring relationships. However, any meeting is a forum for the community to come together and educate each other. You do not have to connect with a presenter or go to workshops to learn. There are other professionals in your area. They come from different backgrounds and possess strengths unlike your own.
  • Pricing: Pricing varies depending on the location, size, and sponsors. Other factors contribute to price. You could spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars on tickets, airfare, and time off of work. Encourage your employer to support these activities. Any benefit to you is an indirect benefit to them. Some meetings offer volunteer opportunities in exchange for tickets. Many are within driving distance of major cities, cutting your cost of travel. Employers can also contribute to sponsor the conference in exchange for attendance passes.To get your money’s worth, take advantage of after-hours sessions, happy hours, and other extra events. These can give you small-group sessions or face-time with experts. Check out the opportunities that a conference may offer for new attendees.
  • Give Back: If you are an industry expert already, that does not mean you cannot attend. You are those presenters, mentors, and industry experts we talked about earlier. People come from all around to hear what you have to say and learn from your experiences.Volunteering is a huge time commitment, but it helps you maintain focus on your industry. It is part of your professional development. Enrichment comes from a variety of places. Educating the up and coming generation of cybersecurity professionals provides personal and professional fulfillment.
  • New Talent: Conferences are excellent opportunities for conducting job interviews. Candidates who are serious about their careers in cybersecurity spend their own time and money to attend. They are already engaged and eager to learn.

Your commitment to cybersecurity, your willingness to learn, and your interest in educating others is what furthers the industry. Attending security conferences benefits you, your employer, and the community. These benefits translate to global cybersecurity programs by providing a strong foundation of support for executives, shareholders, and leaders committed to making the internet a safer place for everyone.

1. Sans Security East

  • Date: January 8 – 13, 2018
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
  • Cost: $5,000+ per course – special discounts can apply with free bonus courses with 4-6 day courses
Sans Security East Conference

Jump-start the New Year with one of the first training seminars of 2019. Attend the SANS Security East 2019 in New Orleans for an opportunity to learn new cybersecurity best practices for 2019 from the world’s top experts. This training experience is intended to assist you in progressing your career.

SANS’ development is unchallenged in the industry. The organization provides fervent instructors who are prominent industry specialists and practitioners. Their applied knowledge adds significance to the teaching syllabus. These skilled instructors guarantee you will be capable of utilizing what you learn immediately. From this conference, you can pick from over twenty information security courses which are prepared by first-rate mentors.

Learn more or register for the Sans Security East 2019 information security conference.

2. FloCon 2019

  • Date: January 8 – 11, 2018
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
  • Cost: $500 - $1,100

FloCon offers an extensive insight into applying analytics to any significant data set. Its mission is to improve data safety systems and information flows. Individuals interested in data-driven safekeeping are encouraged to join this conference and improve their knowledge by discussing the hottest industry cybersecurity trends. FloCon is particularly attentive in fresh, groundbreaking avenues to utilize Big Data to tackle complicated security issues.

3. International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS)

  • Date: January 8 – 11, 2018
  • Location: New York, New York, United States
  • Cost: $895

The 7th International Conference on Cybersecurity is a unique occasion for international front-runners in cyber-related procedures, such as:

  • Threat Operations
  • Research
  • Risk Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Analysis to Produce a Secure Domain.

ICCS is a universal cybersecurity event. The three-day conference is host to over sixty distinguished speakers from the private sector, government, and the academy. Each speaker will share their knowledge in the specialties of evolving technologies, processes and implementation, academe, and practical intellect.

4. SecureWorks Client Roadshow

  • Date: January 9 – 10, 2018
  • Location: San Jose, California, United States
  • Cost: $99

SecureWorks is a US affiliate that offers InfoSec security services. As a global leader in security solutions, SecureWorks goes to great lengths to provide early warnings against evolving cyber threats. They do this by aiding in preventing, detecting, and rapidly responding to and predicting cyber attacks.

Opportunities such as this one provide a way for you to study, disclose your opinion, and work together on concepts with SecureWorks. There are dangers in cyberspace that steadily progress. The coordinators of this event want to guarantee you have the material and instruction that can aid you with your present and upcoming security platforms.

Learn more or register for the SecureWorks Client Roadshow here.

5. Real World Crypto 2019

  • Date: January 10 – 12, 2018
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Cost: $100

The RWC annual conference’s primary purpose is to join those that specialize in cryptography with designers specializing in encryption in real-world systems. The core objective of this seminar is to reinforce the discussion amongst developers and researchers. These individuals concentrate on the use of cryptography in real-world settings such as the Internet, embedded devices, and the cloud.

Find more details about Real World Crypto here.

6. IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics

  • Date: January 12 – 14, 2018
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Cost: $300 - $900

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) organization needs your help. The IEEE Consumer Electronics (CE) Society is seeking technical papers for oral and visual addresses at their 36th yearly seminar in Las Vegas. The International Conference on Consumer Electronics is the recognized setting for groundbreaking examination in all areas of custom electronics. And, IEEE is also involved in the CTA’s Consumer Electronics Show, which is the worlds leading customer electronics trade seminar.

Find out more about ICCE

7. Enigma

  • Date: January 16 – 18, 2018
  • Location: Santa Clara, California, United States
  • Cost: $500 - $1500

Lasting for three days and expected to draw an assorted group of cybersecurity professionals. Attendees can meet with a varied assortment of specialists and fans from the industry, government, and academe. Your ticket opens the door to three days of demonstrations, idea-sharing, and discussions.

The organizers’ focus is on existing and emerging threats in the cybersecurity ecosystem. They will also discuss data protection best practices and fortifications methods at the developing juncture of civilization and technology. Their objective is to raise an intellectual and educated discussion with the public and with the domain. That includes an extensive diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Learn more or register for the Enigma

8. S4x18

  • Date: January 16 – 18, 2018
  • Location: Miami Beach, Florida, United States
  • Cost: $800 - $1,195

S4 presented by Digital Bond are the leaders in hosting prevalent ICS cyber security events around the globe. S4 includes extensive and cutting-edge content as well as proficient hosts and contributors. Also, it never hurts to hold an excellent conference in fabulous locations that offer unlimited fun.

Currently, in its eleventh year, S4x18 in Miami Beach is a three-day event on three stages containing entertainment and exclusive community seminars. This event will present opportunities for you make contact with more than three hundred thought leaders in IoT and ICS security.

S4 is the one event where cutting-edge ICS safety, IIOT, and OT material is accessible to spectators who are knowledgeable in the industry. The S4x18 meeting is January 16 – 18, with two elective advanced ICS lessons planned for January 19th.

Learn more or register for the S4x18 here.

9. Crypto Finance Conference

  • Date: January 17 – 19, 2018
  • Location: St. Moritz, Switzerland
  • Cost: £3,700

This conference is the largest and first global investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments. The conference will connect the established and private stakeholders with the principal benefactors of the crypto and blockchain world. The three-day conference offers the following:

  • Expert Education
  • Professional Schooling
  • Investment Prospects
  • Exceptional Interacting Prospects

And finally, a great background in one of the biosphere’s greatest ski resorts located in the Swiss Alps.

Register for Crypto Finance

10. Data Connectors Columbus Tech-Security

  • Date: January 18, 2018
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
  • Cost: $25
data connectors Cybersecurity Conference

The Columbus Cyber Security Conference will feature 40-60 vendors exhibiting their products and ideas and approximately 8-12 educational speakers discussing the current cyber-security issues such as:

  • Social Media Security
  • Email Security
  • USB Drive Security
  • Wireless Security
  • VoIP LAN security

Learn more or register at the Data Connectors Columbus Tech-Security Conference

11. Cybersecurity: Crucial Collaborations

  • Date: January 18 – 19, 2018
  • Location: New York City, New York, United States
  • Cost: $1,795 - $1,995

The key to successful collaborations is a strong relationship between the parties involved. Without good relationships, cybersecurity would not be efficient. These partnerships bring attention to the dangers of functions inside a business, as well as the public and private divisions and administrations globally. The Cybersecurity: Crucial Collaborations conference will offer the following case lessons and visions for the following departments:

  • HR
  • IS
  • Ethics and Communications

Participants will also have a chance to work with the boardroom and business permanence to shape and preserve these crucial cybersecurity partnerships.

For more details, visit the Cybersecurity: Crucial Collaborations website.

12. 4th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP)

  • Date: January 22 – 24, 2018
  • Location: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
  • Cost: 535€ - 595€

This conference’s sole purpose is to form an assembly for scholars and specialists that focus on the issues of privacy and security that trouble information systems. The focus is on settings that have not only technological troubles but also social problems.

The symposium accepts papers that are theoretical or practical, as well as offering studies or presentations tackling every part of privacy and safety. Their strategy aims at the interests of administrations as well as individuals, hence producing new study prospects.

More details about ICISSP

13. Cyber Defense & Network Security Conference

  • Date: January 23 – 24, 2018
  • Location: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Cost: £799 - £2,849

This event offers the chance to join in the global debate concerning the effort we must be employing on cybersecurity and recognize how to influence future protective savings. Join numerous cyber experts in London from 23-25 January 2019, to learn how to approach to incident response, threat intelligence, training, and foreign asset protection.

You will also benefit from a progressive agenda that will assess the advantages of emerging and disruptive technologies. These include AI, Blockchain, and advanced analytics. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to educate you and your organization on defending your network against the cyber threat.

Learn more about the Cyber Defense & Network Security Conference.

14. AppSec California

  • Date: January 29 – 31, 2018
  • Location: Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Cost: $1,000
AppSec California

Given its focus, AppSec is ideal for the following groups of people:

  • Developers Presenters
  • QA and Testing Professionals
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security Experts

The participants will gather to share their experiences and learn about emerging trends. They will also lecture about protected systems and protected development procedures. The conference begins on January 28 – 29 with extensive exercise courses on several topics. On January 30 – 31, seminar ideas and gatherings by distinguished world speakers follow.

See the full agenda for the AppSec California Conference here.

15. Vienna Cyber Security Week 2019

  • Date: January 29 – February 2, 2018
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Cost: $295

This flagship yearly conference is a production presented by the Austrian non-governmental affiliates, the international governmental, and the Energypact Foundation. Its focus is to connect with significant global investors in discussion and collaboration of the discipline of cyber security. The primary focus is an analytical structure with emphasis on the energy subdivision.

Learn more or register for the Vienna Cyber Security Week 2019

16. NextGen SCADA Europe 2019

  • Date: January 30 – February 1, 2018
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Cost: €962 - €2,655

The 5th annual NextGen SCADA Europe exhibition and networking conference is back thanks to the high demand. It is a dedicated forum that will provide content depth and networking emphasis you need to help with making critical new decisions. A decision such as upgrading your SCADA structure to meet the needs of the digital grid better.

In a matter of three intensive days, you can take part of 20+ utility case-studies. Such vital studies like the critical subjects of integration, system architecture, cyber-security, and functionality. Enroll now to gain insight into the reason why these studies are the newest buzz around the cyber circle.

Learn more or register for the NextGen SCADA Europe 2019 here.

17. Manusec Europe: Cyber Security for Critical Manufacturing

  • Date: February 7 – 8, 2018
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Cost: $1,299 - $2,999
ManuSec Europe Conference

As the industrial division continues to adopt advancements in technology, it becomes vulnerable to an assortment of cyber threats. To have the best tools to tackle cyber threats in the twenty-first century, organizations must involve all levels of employees to cooperate and institute best exercise strategies to guard vital assets.

This event will bridge the gap between the corporate IT senior level and process control professionals. Such practices will allow teams to discuss critical issues and challenges, as well as to debate best practice guidelines.

Learn more or register for the Manusec Europe: Cyber Security for Critical Manufacturing Conference here.

18. BSides Tampa

  • Category: General Cybersecurity Conference
  • Date: February 17, 2018
  • Location: Tampa, Florida, United States
  • Cost: $50 - $750

The BSides Tampa conference focuses on offering attendees the latest in information on security research, development, and uses. The conference is held yearly in Tampa and features various demonstrations and presentations from the best available in industry and academia.

Attendees have the opportunity to attend numerous training classes throughout the conference. These training classes provide individual technical courses on subjects ranging from penetration testing, security abuse or cyber security certifications.

Program details and the agenda for Bsides Tampa

19. The European Information Security Summit

  • Date: February 20, 2018
  • Location: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Cost: £658.80 - £3,598.80

This organization, known as TEISS, is currently one of the leading and most wide-ranging cybersecurity meetings in Europe. It features parallel sessions on the following:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Culture and Education
  • Data and Technology
  • Exercise Sessions for Small Gatherings

Join over 500 specialists in the cybersecurity industry and take advantage of three seminars in one.

Learn more or register for The European Information Security Summit here.

20. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

  • Date: February 26 – 27, 2018
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Cost: $2,525 - $3,050

Data and analytics are conquering all trades as they become the core of the digital transformation. To endure and flourish in the digital age, now is the time to push data and analytics into the heart of your industry.

Gartner is currently the global leader in IT conference providers. You too can benefit from our research, exclusive insight and unmatched peer networking. Reinvent your role and your business by joining the 50,000+ attendees that walk away from this seminar annually, armed with a better understanding and the right tools to make their organization a leader in their industry.

Learn more or register for the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit here.

21. CSO50 Conference + Awards

  • Date: February 26 – 28, 2018
  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
  • Cost: $259

The yearly CSO50 Awards acknowledges fifty businesses, including the employees, for their security development or inventiveness that exhibits exceptional commercial worth. The award-winning organizations are revealed in a special announcement and have their project summarized in an editorial on

Attending this seminar is one of the best ways to boost your employees’ and colleagues’ esteem, as it gathers some of the industry’s top thought leaders. It can also be an excellent hiring device for those seeking to find new cybersecurity talents. Another benefit includes that the project winners may be asked to exhibit their projects at the CSO Conference + Awards.

Team members of winning projects are also offered courtesy registrations to the seminar. Lastly, the winning company will be admired throughout the CSO50 Awards feast and will be summoned on stage to accept their award.

Registrations for CSO50

22. Holyrood Connect’s Cyber Security

  • Date: February 28, 2018
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Cost: £99 - £299
Holyrood Connect IT and Cybersecurity Conference

With cyber threats accelerating in frequency, it is vital that organizations protect themselves from the potentially catastrophic consequences due to security breaches.

In a time where being merely aware of security threats is unsustainable, Holyrood’s annual cybersecurity conference will research the latest developments, emerging threats, and constant practice.

Join important stakeholders, experts, and peers as they research the next steps to reinforce defenses, improve readiness, and maintain cyber resilience.

Critical issues to be addressed:

  • The latest cybersecurity priorities, policies, and thinking
  • Current and developing threats and technologies within a national and global context
  • How to reinforce your cyber defense systems and strategies
  • Best practices and innovation in detecting, preventing and responding to attacks
  • Developing a complete-organization approach – improving awareness, culture, and behavior

Learn more or register for the Holyrood Connect’s Cyber Security Conference

23. PROTECT International Exhibition and Conference on Security and Safety

  • Date: March 2018
  • Location: Manila, Philippines
  • Cost: Free

Leverage International (Consultants) Inc. arranges this annual international seminar and demonstration on safety and security. PROTECT first started in 2005 by the Anti-Terrorism Council. This conference is the one government-private division partnership sequence in the Philippines dedicated to protection and security. It contains a global display, an excellent level symposium, free to go to practical workspaces, and networking prospects.

Learn more or register for the PROTECT Conference.

24. The Conference Board of Canada Cyber Security 2019

  • Date: March 1 – 2, 2018
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Cost: $1,355 - $4,665

It is impossible to keep your company safe from every conceivable cyber attack, especially with new dangers emerging on a daily basis. It is difficult to envision how you could adequately prepare for each possibility. This conference looks at a scheme that can help improve your current and future threats while guaranteeing you have a concrete strategy that you can apply to rebound in the incident of an attack.

Learn more or register for The Conference Board of Canada

25. 24th International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption

  • Date: March 5 – 7, 2018
  • Location: Bruges, Belgium
  • Cost: $225 - $450

The 2019 Fast Software Encryption conference is arranged by the International Association for Cryptologic Research and will take place in Bruges, Belgium. FSE is broadly renowned as the globally prominent occasion in the field of symmetric cryptology. The IACR has been organizing FSE seminars since 2002 and is an international company with over 1,600 associates that brings researchers in cryptology together.

The conference concentrates on quick and protected primitives aimed at symmetric cryptography which contains the examining and planning of:

  • Block Cryptographs
  • Encryption Structures
  • Stream Codes
  • Valid Encryption Structures
  • Hash Meanings
  • Message Valid Schemes
  • Cryptographic Variations Examination and
  • Assessment Apparatuses
  • Problems, and Resolutions Concerning their Protected Application.

Registrations for the 24th International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption available here.

26. Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

  • Date: March 5 – 9, 2018
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Cost: $155 - $1,195

Over 40,000 health IT specialists, executives, vendors, and clinicians come together from all over the globe for the yearly HIMSS exhibition and seminar. Outstanding teaching, first-class speakers, front-line health IT merchandise, and influential networking are trademarks of this symposium. Over three hundred instruction programs feature discussions and workspaces, front-runner meetings, keynotes, and a complete day of pre-conference seminars.

Learn more or register for the HIMSS.

27. National Privacy and Data Governance Congress

  • Date: March 6 - 8, 2018
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Cost: $150
National Privacy and Data Governance Conference

The National Privacy and Data Governance Congress Conference is an occasion to discover critical problems at the landmark of privacy, law, security, access, and data authority. This event joins specialists from the academe, industry, and government who are involved with compliance, data governance, privacy, security, and access within establishments.

The conference is extensive but provides an adequate amount of time for representatives to present inquiries, receive impromptu responses, and participate in eloquent discussions with hosts, associates, and decision makers.

Learn more or register for the National Privacy & Data Governance Congress

28. Cyber Security for Critical Assets (CS4CA) the USA

  • Date: March 6 – 8, 2018
  • Location: Houston, Texas, United States
  • Cost: $1,099 - $2,500

The Yearly CS4CA features two devoted issues for OT and IT authorizing representatives to enhance their professional areas of attention. The discussions are intended to tackle some of the most common problems that connect both sets of specialists.

Each issue is curated by a set of industry-prominent professionals to be as significant, up-to-date and detailed as possible during two days. Throughout this conference, you should expect the opportunities to takes relevant tests, as well as to get inspired by some of the world’s prominent cybersecurity visionaries and network with colleagues.

Find out more about CS4CA.

29. 2nd Internet of Things India Expo

  • Date: March 7 – 9, 2018
  • Location: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
  • Cost: $100 - $240

The Internet of Things is a trade transformation vital to government, companies, and clients, renovating all industries. The Second Edition IoT India Expo will concentrate on the Internet of Things environment containing central bodies, software, services, and hardware. Distinct concentration for this symposium will be on:

  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Wearables
  • AR
  • VR

More details about the 2nd Internet of Things India Expo

30. 13th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security

  • Date: March 8 – 9, 2018
  • Location: Washington, DC, United States
  • Cost: £420 - £690

The 14th Annual ICCWS is an occasion for academe, consultants, military personnel, and practitioners globally to explore new methods of fighting data threats. Cybersecurity conferences like this one offer the opportunity to increase information systems safety and share concepts.

New risks that are taken on from the cloud and social networking are a growing focus for the research group, and the sessions are designed to cover these matters particularly. Join the merging of crucial players as CCWS uniquely addresses cyber warfare, security, and information warfare.

Learn more or register for the 13th International Conference on Cyber warfare and Security here.

31. International Conference on Cyber Security and Connected Technologies (ICCSCT)

  • Date: March 8 – 10, 2018
  • Location: Hong Kong, China
  • Cost: $300 - $550
ICCSCT 2018 Conference

The 2018 ICCSCT is a leading research session focused on presenting new developments in cybersecurity. The seminar is held every year to make a perfect stage for individuals to share opinions and experiences.

The International Conference on Cyber Security and Connected Technologies centers on the numerous freshly forthcoming parts of cybersecurity and connected technologies.

Learn more or register for ICCSCT.


  • Date: March 12 – 16, 2018
  • Location: Heidelberg, Germany
  • Cost: 2,090€ - 3,190€

The TROOPERS18 conference is a two-day event providing hands-on involvement, discussions of current IT security matters, and networking with attendees as well as speakers.

During the two-day seminar, you can expect discussions on numerous topics. There are also practical demonstrations on the latest research and attack methods to bring the topics closer to the participants.

The conference also includes discussions about cyber defense and risk management, as well as relevant demonstrations of InfoSec management matters.

Learn more or register for the TROOPERS18.

33. InfoSec World 2018

  • Date: March 19 – 21, 2018
  • Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States
  • Cost: $50 - $3,695

The 2018 InfoSec World Seminar will feature over one hundred industry specialists to provide applied and practical instructions on an extensive span of security matters. The 2018 conference offers an opportunity for security specialists to research and examine concepts with colleagues.

Throughout the conference, attendees will have plenty of opportunities to increase their knowledge from this world-class seminar platform headed by the industry’s prominent specialists. They will also have a chance to receive 47 CPE credits over the one week course or attend New Tech Lab assemblies presented in real life scenarios. Attendees also have the opportunity to participate in a virtual career fair where you can join via your tablet or at the fair section of the Expo.

Lastly, attendees have availability to take advantages of the Disney Resort with associates and guests.

Find more info about InfoSec World Conference

34. World Border Security Congress

  • Date: March 20 – 22, 2018
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Cost: €120 - €8,616

The 2018 World Border Security Congress is a conference which is planned by Torch Marketing and will occur starting March 20th and end on the 22nd in 2018 in Madrid, Spain. This seminar will contain subjects such as perimeter surveillance methods and schemes.

Join global leaders as they discuss issues surrounding improvements to the defense and administration of protracted land boundaries. What are the answers?

Details and registrations for World Border Security Congress available here.

35. Black Hat Asia 2018

  • Date: March 20 – 23, 2018
  • Location: Singapore, Asia
  • Cost: $1,850

The sharpest industry professionals and scholars will come together for a four-day event at the 2018 Black Hat Asia. This function contains two days of intense applied training followed by another two days of the most current studies and susceptibility discoveries at these meetings.

Black Hat delivers attendees practical lessons on subjects such as:

These practical attack and defense lessons created entirely for Black Hat Asia and prepared by some of the prominent specialists in the industry are available to you. They each share the objective of distinguishing and protecting tomorrow’s information security environment.

Explore the opportunities at Black Hat Asia 2018 here.

36. 17th Annual Security Conference

  • Date: March 26 – 28, 2018
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Cost: $398 - $498

The 17th Annual Security Conference provides an opportunity for discussions on security, assurance, and privacy that improve the understanding of current events but also encourage future dialogues related to cybersecurity.

The 2018 17th yearly security seminar is a portion of the Vegas Conferences prepared by:

  • The Information Institute
  • The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • The University of South Carolina
  • DePaul University, and Plymouth University.

Clerical workplaces for the seminar are at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The symposium for 2018 will discuss safeguarding the joined biosphere.

Learn more or register for the 17th Annual Security Conference here.

37. World Cyber Security Congress 2018

  • Date: March 27 – 28, 2018
  • Location: London, England, United Kingdom
  • Cost: £195 - £295

The World Cyber Security Seminar is an advanced international seminar that interests CISOs as well as other cybersecurity specialists from various divisions. Its panel of 150 + outstanding speakers represents a wide range of verticals, such as:

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Telecoms
  • Educational Services.

The World Cyber Security Congress is a senior-level meeting created with Data Analytics, Heads of Risk and Compliance, CIOs and CTOs, as well as CISOs and Heads of Information of Security in mind.

Learn more or register for the World Cyber Security Congress 2018 here.

38. RSA Conference, the USA

  • Date: April 16 – 20, 2018
  • Location: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Cost: $1,695 - $2,695

With the simplicity of joining the digital space opens the risk of real-world cyber dangers. The 2018 RSA Conference focuses on the topics of managing these cyber threats that prominent organizations, agencies, and businesses are facing.

This event is famous in the US as well as in Abu Dhabi, Europe, and Singapore. The RSA Conference is renowned for being one of the leading information security seminars that occur yearly. The event’s real objective is to utilize the active determination the leaders place into study and research.

Learn more or register for RSA 

39. RSA Conference, Cryptographers’ Track

  • Date: April 16 – 20, 2018
  • Location: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Cost: $1,695 - $2,695

More than 40,000 industry-leading specialists attend the event as it is the first industry demonstration for the security business. As one of the industry-leading cyber security events 2018 is the pathway to scientific documents on cryptography. It is a fantastic place for the broader cryptologic public to get in touch with attendees from government, the industry, and academe.

Learn more or register for the RSA Cryptographers’ Track

40. QuBit 2018 Cybersecurity Conference

  • Date: April 18 – 19, 2018
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Cost: 711€ - 1,044€

The 2018 QuBit Cybersecurity Conference aims to provide up-to-date data to the cyber community of Central Europe from the western realm. Also, it hopes to aid in the circulation of security materials such as IT and internet tools that are now available to over two billion individuals internationally.

QuBit offers to you a unique way to meet advanced and elite individuals with impressive backgrounds in the information security industry. Connect with QuBit today and discover the latest revolutions and ideas that are paving tomorrow‘s industry platform.

Learn more or register for the QuBit 2018.

41. ASIS Europe

  • Date: April 18 – 20, 2018
  • Location: The Hague, Netherlands
  • Cost: £695 - £1,125

This event’s purpose is to assist security professionals in finding the best ways to assess risks and act accordingly – not in legal arrangements or disclaimers but having the risk owner and user make educated decisions.


For aspiring and established leaders in need of a comprehensive learning experience; including masterclasses, executive sessions, keynotes and show pass.


For managers and team members seeking to gain attentive, practical skills with precise learning outcomes. Show pass included.

Learn more or register for the ASIS Europe 201 here.

42. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference

  • Date: April 24 – 26, 2018
  • Location: Singapore, Asia
  • Cost: $1,995

The ICS Cyber Security Conference is an event where  ICS users, vendors, system security providers and government representatives meet to discuss the industry trends. The goal of the convention is to analyze the latest threats and their causes in order to offer effective solutions for businesses of different sizes.

43. CyberTech Asia

  • Date: April 25 – 26, 2018
  • Location: Singapore, Asia
  • Cost: $200 - $650
Free Veeam Cloud Connect

CyberTech Asia 2018 provides attendees with innovative and unique opportunities to gain insight into the latest improvements and resolutions presented by the global cyber public.

The conference’s central focus is on networking as well as reinforcing associations and establishing new contacts. CyberTech also delivers an unbelievable stage for B2B collaboration. CyberTech Asia will join the following:

  • Leading Multi-National Corporates
  • Start-ups
  • Corporate and Private Investors
  • Specialists
  • Clients
  • SMB’s
  • Venture capital firms

Learn more or register for the CyberTech Asia.

44. Infiltrate Security Conference

  • Date: April 26 – 27, 2018
  • Location: Miami Beach, Florida, United States
  • Cost: $1,775 - $2,400

Infiltrate is an in-depth technical conference whose focus is on aggressive security issues. Innovative researchers come together to evaluate and share experiences regarding the latest technological strategies that you cannot find elsewhere. Infiltrate is the leading event for those who are focused on the technical aspects of offensive security issues, such as:

  • Computer and Network Exploitation
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • Rootkit and Trojan Covert Protocols

Infiltrate avoids policy and elaborate presentations in favor of just diehard thought-provoking technical meat.

Visit the Infiltrate website for more info.

45. THOTCON 0x9

  • Date: May 4 -5, 2018
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Cost: $69 - $2,900

THOTCON 0x9 is a yearly hacking seminar that takes place in Chicago, Illinois. More than 1,300 specialists and speakers from all over the world attend the event each year.

THOTCON is a non-profit, non-commercial event offering the best seminar conceivable on a restricted budget. When you go to a THOTCON event, you will have undergone one of the best information security conferences around the globe combined with an exclusively casual and social experience.

Learn more about THOTCON 0x.

46. Hack New York City 2018

  • Date: May 8 – 10, 2018
  • Location: Manhattan, New York, United States
  • Cost: $195 - $395

Hack NYC is about sharing ideas on how we can improve our daily cybersecurity practices and the overall economic strength. The threat of attack targeting the Critical National Infrastructure is real as provisions supporting businesses and communities face common weaknesses and an implicit dynamic threat.

Hack NYC emphasis’ on our planning for, and resistance to, the real potential for Kinetic Cyber attack. Be part of crucial solutions and lighten risks aimed at Critical National Infrastructure.

For more info, visit Hack New York City 018.

47. Secure360 Twin Cities

  • Date: May 15 – 16, 2018
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • Cost: $599 - $898

The 2018 Secure360 Twin Cities conference is a seminar for education in comprehensive security and risk organization. This event offers partnership and teaching for your whole team.

Secure360 concentrates on the following:

  • Risk and Compliance
  • Governance
  • Information Security
  • Professional Development
  • Continuity Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Physical Security

Details about Secure360 Twin Cities

48. CyberCentral 2018

  • Date: May 17 – 18, 2018
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Cost: €499 - €1,449

The 2018 CyberCentral conference is a two-day event where participants collaborate with a global community of compatible cybersecurity enthusiasts. This event is a limited occasion, which allows its participants to walk away revitalized with resilient H2H networks, instead of with a lot of brochures and business cards.

Learn more or register for the CyberCentral 2018 Conference

49. 20th International Conference on Cyber Security Exercises (ICCSE)

  • Date: June 6 – 7, 2018
  • Location: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Cost: €300 - €500

The 2018 International Conference on Cyber Security Exercise focuses on joining prominent researchers, experts, and professors to discuss and disclose their knowledge and investigations on every feature of cybersecurity implementations.

Learn more or register for the 20th ICCSE here.

50. ToorCamp 2018

  • Date: June 20 – 24, 2018
  • Location: San Juan, Washington, United States
  • Cost: $250 - $1,337

The ToorCamp first opened in 2009 in Washington State at the Titan-1 Missile Silo and is the American hacker camp. The next two conferences occurred in 2012 and 2014 on the Washington Coast. At these seminars, you are encouraged to display projects, share ideas and collaborate with technology specialists that are attending the event.

Learn more ToorCamp 2018

51. The 16th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security

  • Date: July 5, 2018
  • Location: Leuven, Belgium
  • Cost: £250 - £450

The seminar concentrates on current advances in the fields of practical cryptography and their implementation to systems and network security. The objective of this workshop is to exemplify academic research in addition to advances in engineering and practical front-lines.

Learn more or register for The 16th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security here.

In Closing:

When you attend security conferences, you benefit in multiple ways. You are taught by specialists, and you can take advantage of colleague-to-colleague discussions for professional improvement.

Most importantly, attending seminars presents the opportunity for you to obtain the information you need to tackle cyber attacks. Every minute of the day there is someone somewhere creating the next cyber threat that could shut your business down.

Take advantage of learning how to stay one step ahead but getting your company and its employees ready and prepared for the next threat. It is no longer a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Are you ready?