Storage Options

As data demands grow at an enormous rate, you need scalable, reliable, and cost effective storage solutions to meet those demands. PhoenixNAP offers multiple storage solutions, and give you choice and flexibility at an optimal price. Deploy bare metal or network storage on-demand.


Network Storage

Optimize your storage needs based on performance, capacity, and scale. Our network storage starts at just $0.12/GB per month, and we have the performance and scale to meet your ever-changing needs without breaking the bank.

Phoenix NAP Network Storage offers you the ability to share NFS and iSCSI storage services between all your virtual machines or bare metal servers in a given location, for the utmost in flexibility.


  • On-Demand Storage Growth
  • Enterprise-Class Performance
  • High-Availability Configurations
  • Unified Connection to all Phoenix NAP Services

Mass Storage Servers

If you’re looking for massive storage at the lowest price per gig, deploy one of our Bare Metal Servers loaded up with large volume drives. With capacity up to 24 terabytes, and cost per gig of less than $0.03, these massive servers are fit for the biggest data needs.


  • Low cost per GB
  • Fast deployment
  • 4-hour hardware replacement
  • Unified connection to all Phoenix NAP services

Managed Private SAN

When you need dedicated, highly available, enterprise network storage, Phoenix NAP Managed Private SAN solution is your answer.

When leveraging hybrid flash SAN technologies, you get performance and cost effective density, offering you the best of both worlds. Designed for the small to medium enterprise, this solution can replace your dying SAN infrastructure and run your critical business applications with upwards of 5-9’s of availability.


  • NFS, iSCSI or FC options available
  • Leverages HA clustering technology
  • Flash acceleration accommodates high IOP workloads
  • In-line deduplication and compression
  • Built for high density up to multiple hundred TBs
  • Starting as low as 5c /GB/mo.