PhoenixNAP Managed Hosting Solutions and Services

Resilient. Flexible. Affordable.

PhoenixNAP Managed Hosting Services provide you with everything you need to run your online business and stay completely focused on providing your clients with top-notch content all over the globe. With accessibility and ease in mind phoenixNAP offers many different configurations with 3 listed below to get you started quickly and all of them can be changed to suit your current and future business needs.


Multi Server Discounts Available

Starting at $225 / mo


Starting at $995 / mo

Live Content

Starting at $1,199 / mo

Starting at $225 / mo

Starting at $995 / mo

Starting at $1,199 / mo

Managed Services with strong SLAs to simplify your operations and keep your servers in top shape

Services availability out of 6 global locations to easily service all your clients

Access to wide range of fully customizable solutions to suit all your needs

Global network including 100% uptime guarantee to keep your content accessible

Free DDoS network protection and mitigation to shield you from external attacks

Additional Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions to help your availability and compliance

Full Opex offering to help you grow and scale with ease and invest in your content instead

Consultancy in order take guesswork out of the equation and help you build solutions supporting all your needs

of call our sales at 1.877.588.5918

Managed Servers Expertise


Managed Servers Supportive


Managed Servers Agile


  • Setup & Configuration
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Patching
  • Remote Hands
  • Migration Services
  • Networking
  • Monitoring
  • DNS/Domain Services

Managed Services for Bare Metal Remove Stress from Businesses


Limited Managed Services
Support for Servers & Network

System Patching

Up to 5 custom monitors per device

Automated Server Performance Emails

1 Hour Response SLA


Fully Managed Services
Support for Servers & Network

Everything included in the Basic package

Custom Patching Maintenance Windows

An extra hour of custom work per month

30 Minute Response SLA

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Don’t let the day-to-day management and monitoring of systems, networks and devices put stress on your operations. PhoenixNAP’s Managed Services allow you to leverage our highly skilled technical staff so your IT teams can focus on the things that drive your business.

Basic Managed Services

IT Support When You Need It

PhoenixNAP’s Basic Managed Services option is our value package at a lower price point, ideal for businesses who spend too much resource time installing, managing and troubleshooting software and monitoring systems to ensure environments continue to run as designed. This package provides great value by alleviating some of the burden and acting as your trusted monitor and escalation point for day-to-day server management activities.

Advanced Managed Services

Full Support For Your IT

PhoenixNAP’s Advanced Managed Services option is our one-stop shop, ideal for companies in need of fully managed server and network support. PhoenixNAP’s NOC and Advanced escalation teams monitor, respond, and remediate issues as they are presented to us. This package provides significant value, without a heavy cost burden found in similar managed services offerings.