„It won’t happen to me…“

Said 65% of U.S. businesses that lost their data in 2019.*

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The odds of a breach or disaster hitting your company are against you.

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Without a disaster recovery solution, your business is at risk of data loss, business disruption, and profit decrease. By deploying a Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution, you can ensure availability of your critical data even in case of disasters.

Identify your needs and learn how you can meet them.


The health check will include:

Evaluation of your resource and network requirements

Identification of potential weak points in your environment

Estimate on the cost of downtime

Overview of tools designed to meet your needs

Suggestion of best practices for ensuring availability

Proposal of an adequate solution and pricing

Why you can’t afford to be vulnerable.

Data loss can cost your business dozens of thousands of dollars. Moreover, it can permanently damage your reputation and cause customers’ trust loss. In fact, research suggests that 22% of businesses never recover after a major breach or disaster.

Our FREE DRaaS health check offers you an opportunity to evaluate your infrastructure and choose a solution that meets your needs best.

Simply sign up via the form above and our solution experts will reach out to you within one day to discuss your needs. Upon signup, you will receive a checklist to fill in in order to help us better understand your needs.

DRaaS Healthcheck Includes:


Needs Analysis

  • Key Data
  • The Cost of Downtime
  • Recovery Requirements
  • Recovery Point Objectives

Data Analysis

  • Required systems analysis (locations, protection requirements)
  • Existing infrastructure analysis
  • Disaster recovery plan review
  • Historical success/failure rates.

Solution Suggestion

  • Detailed technical requirements to meet your goals
  • Price quote

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