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Enable Insider Protection for your Veeam Cloud Connect backups at a special price! Protect your data against malicious insider activity and advanced ransomware vectors by adding an extra layer of security to your backups.

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Add Insider Protection to Your Backups and Get a Discount!

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As the importance of data for the modern business grows, so does the need to keep it efficiently protected. Successful companies deploy backups in the cloud to ensure they can easily retrieve lost data when a disaster strikes. However, keeping ordinary backups no longer provides sufficient levels of protection. Advanced ransomware strains are increasingly targeting backup repositories to corrupt or delete them, rendering them useless for recovery.

To secure critical data from accidental or malicious deletion, corruption, and modification, businesses need to deploy a reliable backup solution that provides adequate protection against insider and outsider threats. Veeam Cloud Connect comes with the Insider Protection feature, designed to add an additional layer of security to cloud backups.

Protect your backup data from a variety of threats, ensure data availability and avoid downtime caused by data loss or corruption.

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Quick Deployment

Quick Deployment

The service setup usually takes four hours or less with immediate and reliable support.

Leading Recovery Times

Leading Recovery Times

Achieve your Recovery Time (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for any workload at any time.

Simple Management

Simple Management

Easily Manage and control your resources with phoenixNAP Client Portal (PNCP).

Award Winning Provider

Committed To Making Your Business More Secure

As an award-winning Veeam Cloud Connect Provider, phoenixNAP helps companies deploy and manage reliable Veeam Backup and Replication solutions. Ensure your data is backed up securely to a destination of your choice and made easily recoverable when disaster strikes.

Get in touch with our experts today and learn how to leverage reliable solutions from Veeam and phoenixNAP to protect your business-critical workloads and data.

How Insider Protection works?

All Veeam Cloud Connect backups are visible to the end-user in the Veeam Console, giving a non-authorized person who gains access to the console a chance to compromise them. However, Insider Protection protects against malicious deletion, modification, or corruption of backup data stored in the cloud.

Once the backups are deleted, they are moved to an air-gapped directory – a recycle bin, that’s automatically created after backups are erased. Backup files stored in the “recycle bin” do not consume the tenant quota, but they do consume disk space on the SP storage where the cloud repository is configured. After deletion, they are no longer visible to your team or accessible from your network, but the phoenixNAP team can retrieve them. The retention period for deleted backups in the recycle bin is flexible, and if you want to restore them within this time frame, phoenixNAP will provide the necessary backup files.

The Insider Protection feature isn’t enabled by default but is activated instantly, on-demand.

You can now quickly enable an extra protection mechanism for your Veeam Cloud Connect backups without the need for extra changes, adjustments, or configurations.

Ransomware Protection Best Practices White Paper

Download our white paper ‘Ransomware Prevention and Recovery: An Overview of Challenges, Best Practices, and Solutions’ to learn how to protect your business against proliferating ransomware threats and avoid breaches and costly downtime. The white paper focuses on the key challenges businesses face in securing their critical data and the best practices they should follow to enhance their security posture and prevent potential attacks.

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