Enhancing Security in Modern Cloud Environments

Learn how to protect your critical cloud assets against proliferating cyber threats.

As cloud adoption continues to grow, new threats are emerging at an alarming pace. According to recent reports, 93% of information security professionals are moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security, with the biggest concerns being data loss and leakage, privacy/confidentiality, legal and regulatory compliance, and accidental exposure of credentials.

The ability to efficiently protect workloads, data, and other resources stored in the cloud environment underscores the importance of cybersecurity, making it one of the key enablers of digital transformation. To successfully cope with the risks and challenges that shifting to the cloud brings, companies must rethink their cybersecurity strategies and deploy reliable, multi-layered protection solutions.

In this white paper, you will learn more about:

  • The best practices in cloud infrastructure security
  • Features to consider when choosing a cloud provider
  • How to easily deploy a secure cloud-based architecture with multi-layered data protection
  • Hardware optimization strategies
  • Key features of phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud to help protect security-sensitive workloads and ensure compliance

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Enhancing Security in Modern Cloud Environments

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