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Don't close your eyes to cyber threats. Deploy our secure-by-design cloud platform at a special price! Data Security Cloud leverages industry leading technologies to keep your data safe in the cloud.

VMware NSX microsegmentation
Integrated backups
Hardware-enhanced security
Threat intelligence and MDR
24/7 SOC Support

Building the World's Most Secure Cloud Platform

Developed in collaboration with VMware and Intel, Data Security Cloud is a secure-by-design multi-tenant cloud platform that provides ultimate data protection. Advanced network segmentation technology, hardware-enhanced security, endpoint protection, integrated backups, and threat intelligence technologies, are multiple-layers of security available with Data Security Cloud. Keep your data safe with comprehensive systems that provide both proactive and reactive protection to eliminate any impact in case of a breach or disaster.

Available at an opex-based model, Data Security Cloud is a cost-effective solution to meet your security and compliance goals. phoenixNAP’s team of experts works with you every step of the deployment process to minimize hassle and ensure stability of your platform.

Data Security Cloud can be deployed in two models: Advanced and Essentials. Get in touch with our solution experts today to learn more about the plans, pricing, and available 20% discount!

Data Security Cloud

Network Micro-Segmentation
Storage (multiple tiers)
Endpoint Protection
Veeam backup: Up to 50% of the allocated storage pool
Expert 24/7 SOC support
Anti-virus scanning
Data Security Cloud
DSC Essentials +
Extended Endpoint protection
Veeam backup: Up to the amount of the primary allocated storage pool
SOC 24/7 incident management
Security Posture Report
Always-updated threat intelligence feeds
Vulnerability scanning
Vulnerability and remediation intelligence
Machine learning and behavioral analytics
Threat risk intelligence
PCI scanning ASV support
Award Winning Provider

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