A Complete Guide to Building a Container-Ready Environment with Rancher

How to Integrate Rancher Cluster Orchestrator with phoenixNAP’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC)

Containerization is becoming an increasingly popular software deployment option thanks to its potential to accelerate development timeframes, increase infrastructure scalability and portability, reduce operating costs, and enhance security.

This guide explains how you can create a container-ready environment on phoenixNAP’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC) using Rancher and Terraform. Predrag Aleksic, Team Lead – System Engineer at Glimpse, provides instructions and code examples that can be used to integrate Rancher and vSphere, and deploy Kubernetes clusters. The code is fully available on GitHub and can be used with slight modifications on any MPC environment.

Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Integrate Rancher and MPC
  • Use Packer to create Golden Images
  • Provision Rancher using Terraform
  • Create a Rancher cluster template
  • Deploy and Manage a Kubernetes cluster
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