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Automating the Provisioning of Kubernetes Cluster on Bare Metal Servers in Public Cloud


White Paper By:
Sergio Muriana and Seow Lim, phoenixNAP

Bare Metal Cloud White Paper

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Bare metal containers are becoming the new normal in modern IT. In this white paper, phoenixNAP experts Seow Lim, VP of Architecture and Platforms, and Sergio Muriana, DevOps Software Engineer, provide guidance on how to automate the provisioning on Kubernetes cluster on phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud solution.

As a cloud-native ready IaaS platform, Bare Metal Cloud (BMC) automates server deployment and management processes, providing a more flexible alternative to both Public Cloud and Dedicated Server solutions. Using Canonical MAAS, it ensures fast and simple deployment of physical servers on a cloud-based model. The integrations with major Infrastructure-as-Code platforms allow for easy configuration and management, while its underlying hardware ensures high performance and security level.

The white paper also discusses bare metal container adoption trends, current IT infrastructure demand, and advantages of cloud-native IaaS platforms.


You will learn more about:

  • Bare Metal Containers Demand and Use Cases
  • Challenges of Adopting Cloud-Native Infrastructure
  • Bare Metal Cloud Architecture and Automation System
  • Provisioning of Kubernetes Cluster

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© 2022 Copyright phoenixNAP | Global IT Services. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy