Case Study

HomeSmart International Makes Real Estate Easy with phoenixNAP’s VMware-Based Cloud

HomeSmart International (HomeSmart) is one of the top real estate franchises in the U.S. based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It offers franchisees efficiency and innovation coupled with the systems and technologies necessary to succeed in today’s evolving real estate industry. Having a considerably large network of more than 90 offices with 10,000 agents nationwide, HomeSmart continues to expand.

Well known for its innovation in technology and high touch customer service, HomeSmart has insisted on finding cutting edge solutions for both its end clientele and its agents and brokers to enable multiple real estate transactions happening real time. It empowers its representatives to be efficient in their business and achieve their real estate goals. The company also prides itself on successfully blending technology with a personal touch, something they say is often lost.


As one of the real estate industry’s innovation leaders, HomeSmart delivers quite a unique solution for the real estate market: a franchise that would support the network of real estate agents and brokers, and provide both online and offline support necessary for their businesses to flourish. This involved creating an impeccable technical solution and the set of online tools that would include having all the necessary data available real time to participants, plus provide agents with on-going live assistance and present an end-client with a seamless real estate experience.

When provisioning services that support this highly evolving real estate industry, having data accessible to all, and having it secured, is a primary concern that was successfully addressed by initially going to the cloud. Another ongoing concern is a client satisfaction, an actual driving force in the real estate industry. HomeSmart becoming a franchise in 2010, has translated to all of its agents and brokers becoming clients of the business as well. This, coupled with its nation-wide presence, gave rise to the constant need of the company to be able to think of and implement technical solutions on-demand. Swiftness and efficacy in implementation became a prerogative and one of the key elements in driving business growth.

HomeSmart was previously outsourcing its cloud solution to a provider that also offered managed services. However, one challenge that kept coming up was a desire to gain more control of technical resources, and to be able to govern them directly. Ideally, this additional control would not require an oversized technical staff.


HomeSmart ’s technology has allowed it to provide a consistent high level of customer service to its agents and clients. The company is now using phoenixNAP’s Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) VMware vCloud® based multi-tenant cloud solution, to further its business.

VPDC is a secure solution that gives to the client the total command over compute, storage, and networking resources and this particular feature has enabled HomeSmart to rapidly extend its IT environment without high costs or lengthy timelines. Infrastructure resources are managed through a highly intuitive, simple-to use interface. HomeSmart can now, in its own words “theorize a product or a solution and make it real in a matter of days”, which has brought the company a step closer to its customers, and few steps ahead of the competition in this everchanging industry. Simple yet effective management of this cloud product with its underlining hardware securely stored at phoenixNAP’s premier datacenter facility, added assurance to HomeSmart that VPDC as a cloud solution will be delivered and implemented exactly the way it was conceptualized. phoenixNAP has demonstrated customer focus, met their commitments and delivered quality at a very reasonable cost. Having many people work online simultaneously, HomeSmart also chose to protect its data from any type of unforeseen occurrence via phoenixNAP Cloud Backup Standard service.


HomeSmart gained control over its IT resources, satisfying its business need to speed up response times to meet clients’ demands. The company is also able to spin up new machines as needed and allocate resources accordingly to provide quick and easy fixes and solutions, without having to depend on anyone outside of the company. phoenixNAP VPDC has brought HomeSmart very close to its next desired stage, and that is adding automation to most of its processes, in hope to have the system further simplified and the processes sped up. Additionaly, using VPDC has enabled the company to go to an OpEx model as a part of their P&L management strategy, and only 6 months of use so far have resulted in significant money savings. They go as high as 45%, once the transition period from previous provider is over. phoenixNAP’s highly professional, but above all attentive representatives have enabled HomeSmart to make informed decisions every step of the way, forming a reliable partnership. phoenixNAP’s adaptability has helped HomeSmart to meet the needs of such a customer-centric business in a very competitive industry.

The phoenixNAP VPDC solution gave us ability to control everything. It’s our cloud, our raw materials, we can slice and dice and provision it however we like. At the click of a button. And that was really the over-arching key to provisioning. We took those benefits straight to our clients.

-John Kloian III, chief technology officer, HomeSmart International