Case Study

Education Corporation of America (ECA) is a career college network that provides quality, accredited programs throughout the United States as well as online. With a comprehensive curriculum that develops professional skills, ECA efficiently prepares students for their dream job through a wide variety of fields.


Operating a complex network of higher education institutions providing dozens of specialized programs is a challenge in and of itself. To accomplish the necessary tasks, ECA requires a high-availability infrastructure to support its critical workloads and provide its students with uninterrupted web access to its virtual resources.

Migrating the entire infrastructure to the cloud emerged as an ideal solution. However, it required vast technical and engineering resources, as well as a trusted vendor to assist throughout the process. ECA needed a partner that could provide not only the solution itself but the required technical expertise and on-site assistance.

“We had kind of a complex solution – taking an entire data center and trying to put it into the cloud using technology like NSX to mimic our physical.”

“We needed someone to help us with the solution, with the knowledge in that solution itself, we needed someone to basically hold our hand to get through this.”


ECA choose phoenixNAP’s Vware®-based Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) solution that enabled ECA to virtualize its infrastructure, securely store its data and applications, as well as provide excellent experiences to its students. As a highly scalable and secure multi-tenant infrastructure, VPDC is ideal for organizations like ECA to efficiently migrate their resources to the cloud, improve their IT capacity, and achieve availability without blowing their IT budgets.

VPDC is designed to support Tier 1 applications such as complex database environment, ERP systems or other forms of large corporate infrastructures. It leverages the power of VMware® vCloud® and vSphere® enviro-nment to provide not only an IT platform but also the needed management and support resources. Providing infrastructure, virtualization, and engineering resources, phoenixNAP’s VPDC was an answer to all of ECA’s availability concerns.


The transition to the cloud made ECA’s resources more readily available and contributed to business development in several ways. The reliable infrastructure doubled ECA’s geographic footprint, the number of students, and their efficiency in passing the programs. With phoenixNAP’s Virtual Private Data Center, ECA did not need to expand its IT staff or invest in new hardware. That way, it could keep its IT budget at an optimal level, while reaping the benefits of cloud innovation. By developing a partner relationship with phoenixNAP, the ECA team has peace of mind when it comes to security and availability of its critical data.

“Working with the phoenixNAP team individually and as a group, we tremendously benefited because we could not have done it ourselves.”

“The critical thing with us is the partnership. Do you have that dedication from your partners that they can help you the whole way along from just the pre-engineering conversations to phoenixNAP coming on site and actually assessing our current production state and effort to help size disaster recovery.”

– Andy Quinn, Director of IT Infrastructure Operations, ECA