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Chef Servers

Chef Servers Improves Performance by 30% Using phoenixNAP's Dedicated Servers


Chef servers is a hosting company that serves an exciting niche market. The company specializes in providing highly customized server infrastructure to customers looking to obtain limited-release merchandise ranging from sneakers and clothing to various other collectibles. To enable its customers to successfully run their storefront or reselling business or enrich their collection with highly sought-after items, Chef Servers must provide them with high-performance servers and a low latency network. This way, they can run their custom software on a robust infrastructure and increase their chances that their efforts will bring them success.

In 2020, we grew more than 2x in size. phoenixNAP helped us to achieve that growth as they were able to accommodate our demand for hardware, despite global events massively affecting hardware supply. They have always exceeded our expectations in meeting the promised delivery dates.”

Ivan Teoh, Founder, Chef Servers


The success of Chef Servers’ customers on a highly demanding sneaker market heavily relies on the performance of the infrastructure they use. To help its clients obtain limited items, Chef Servers must offer powerful, reliable, and fast server infrastructure. This means that leveraging cutting-edge hardware is critical to properly supporting their clients and providing the best experience for their high computing needs.

While looking for an infrastructure partner, Chef Servers surveyed several service providers, and most of them offered low prices at the expense of using older, usually refurbished hardware. Since their clients’ success is the priority for Chef Servers, using anything but cutting-edge hardware was not an option.

The other big challenge Chef Servers was looking to solve was reducing their customers’ latency factor. One second could mean the difference between success and failure in fast-paced markets, so it was critical to find a partner with a broad infrastructure network to meet high availability and low latency demands.


The beginning of a collaboration between Chef Servers and phoenixNAP started with the deployment of the cutting-edge hardware infrastructure. As a provider of fine-tuned hosting services, Chef Servers needed to find a way to deliver blazing speed, high availability, and low ping to their clients to ensure their competitiveness in an increasingly competitive market.

Partnering with phoenixNAP gave Chef Servers the ability to access the global network of powerful dedicated servers to meet their customers’ high computing demands. The ability to leverage cutting-edge hardware helped them offer top-notch server performance while keeping their costs under control.

To tackle the issue of reducing latency factor, Chef Servers took advantage of phoenixNAP’s globally diverse server network to ensure that the lowest possible latency is delivered to their customers. phoenixNAP’s robust network is built on enterprise-grade infrastructure to provide 100% uptime with superior performance and reliability, which is critical for any business that relies on speed to be successful.

Keeping pace with the fast changes and emerging technologies was another critical challenge for Chef Servers since their customers rely on top performance for their compute-heavy workloads. phoenixNAP helps its customers go toe to toe with the changes in technology by allowing them to leverage product updates as soon as they’re released, ensuring they have access to the state-of-the-art hardware.

Since working with phoenixNAP, we’ve upgraded our hardware a few times. For example, whenever Intel would launch their new lineup of processors, phoenixNAP would always be one of, if not the first IaaS provider in the market to offer it. This allowed us to see overall improvements of up to 30% in terms of performance, thanks to the improvements in processor clock speed and core counts.

Ivan Teoh, Founder, Chef Servers


Chef Servers leveraged phoenixNAP’s infrastructure to support its extraordinary growth. Since 2020, the company grew more than twice in size, despite the global events that massively affected the supply of critical hardware components.

By choosing pheonixNAP as a partner for their infrastructure needs, the company managed to stay on top of the technology game, upgrading their computing resources a couple of times since they began working with phoenixNAP. The ability to offer new releases of Intel processors almost immediately after they were launched helped Chef Servers to increase their performance up to 30%. The performance increase was achieved thanks to the improvements in clock speed and core counts.

To maintain high uptime requirements in its fast-paced niche market, Chef Servers benefited from phoenixNAP’s support team. The ability to receive fast support and communicate with the technicians directly involved with their hardware at the data center increased Chef Servers’ ability to quickly solve any problem that may occur and maintain their customers’ uptime.

We found that phoenixNAP’s support is second to none. Being able to receive fast support from someone actually on the ground is absolutely important, as we have to maintain uptime in the very fast-paced niche market that we're in. We’re able to communicate with the very folks attending to our hardware at the data center, which cuts down on any possible miscommunication and allows us to solve problems fast.

Ivan Teoh, Founder, Chef Servers

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