Eliminate Downtime of Your VM Environment

Deploy a robust VMware-based disaster recovery solution to ensure ransomware protection and business continuity through a near-instant recovery of your business-critical workloads.

VMware-native solution
Built-in SSL encryption
Easy to deploy and manage
5-minute RPOs
Expert 24/7 support

A VMware-Native Solution for Improved Business Resiliency and Ransomware Protection

Business disruptions come in various forms. Natural disasters, human errors and proliferating ransomware threats make it increasingly difficult for organizations to efficiently protect their data. With the cost of downtime growing, companies prioritize data availability strategies to prevent downtime and mitigate its negative impact.

phoenixNAP’s VMware DRaaS helps you ensure continuity of your business operations, minimize the downtime risk, and ensure quick recovery in case of ransomware or another disrupting event. Based on VMware vCloud Availability, the solution is easily integrated into your existing virtualized infrastructure and eliminates the need to manage a secondary disaster recovery site. You can easily recover your VM environment, while optimizing your IT costs.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

The integration enables fast and easy onboarding with excellent experience.

5 Minutes RPos

5 Minutes RPOs

VMware DRaaS is built to meet even the most aggressive RTO and RPO goals.

Cost Efficiency


As an OPEX-based solution, VMware DRaaS requires no CapEx investments.



Built-in industry-standard SSL encryption ensures enhanced security for your data.

Award Winning Provider

Dedicated to your success

As a VMware Principal Partner, phoenixNAP helps you seamlessly integrate robust VMware DRaaS into your virtualized infrastructure. Achieve superior security of your data and future-proof your business with our modern and reliable disaster recovery solution.

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How It Works

The latest availability technology from VMware provides continuous replications, failover, and migrations for vSphere workloads to ensure their availability. The solution can be deployed in multi-tenant cloud environments on a level of a vApp or virtual machine.

Implementing a reliable disaster recovery solution has never been easier. Just follow these simple steps:

Icon Step 1
Pair source and target cloud locations using VMware Cloud Availability Appliance and configure the site-to-site replication of your VMs.
Icon Step 2
Choose an SLA policy that’s aligned with your recovery requirements and business needs (choose your target RPO, synchronization time and other replication aspects relevant to your business).
Icon Step 3
Now, the replication is configured, and your VMs are replicating safely to a target cloud location.
Icon Step 4
Perform a failover test to make sure that your workloads are recovering successfully.

Deploying VMware DRaaS: Technical Deep Dive

Watch the demo to learn more about technical aspects of building an enterprise-grade disaster recovery (DR) solution for your on-premises and cloud environments.

William Bell, phoenixNAP
Chestin Hay, VMware

What You Get with VMware-Based DRaaS

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DRaaS solution based on VMware vCloud Availability

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Built exclusively for VMware environments

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Cost-efficiency with easy integration and no costs of managing DR sites

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Fast implementation and onboarding

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Built-in industry-standard SSL encryption

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5-minute RPOs

VMware-based Disaster Recovery Data Fact Sheet

Download our data fact sheet to discover how the deployment of VMware disaster recovery solution can help you ensure business continuity and support your organization’s data availability strategy.

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